Reusable Versions of the Course

The entire course and each one of the modules are available as standalone units of content, so anyone anywhere can repurpose them according to their own needs. To facilitate the use of the course contents, and to support the sustainability of the Edu-BioMed course over time, it has been developed in different formats.  The course is therefore also available as a Word and PDF documents, as an additional more handy learning instrument. These versions have the potential to increase the reuse of the course by others, allow download of the learning resource (the whole course) or parts of it (single modules) and encourage trainers to use the course in other contexts and countries beyond the partnership itself.


The content of the course has been released as both PDF and Word files:

What a biosphere consist of? The Edu-BioMed project’s course: [PDF – EN] | [Word – EN]

Terms of Use

The Edu-BioMed course contents are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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