At the root of the Edu-BioMed initiative is the need of establishing connections HEIs-BRs, HEIs-HEIs, BRsBRs and within a same HEI, as well as of strengthening the sharing of experiences between HEIs, BRs and public institutions. There are many ‘invisible barriers’ at different levels that make the various actors’ understanding of BRs reality fragmented and the HEIs’ work ineffective. Therefore, the main objective is the establishment of a ‘circuit of knowledge’ between and within different organizations, as well as Countries. Edu-BioMed enables the flow of information and experiences, ultimately strengthening the relations between HEIs and the wider socio-economic environment

Report from survey within targeted HEIs – Task 1.1

Task 1.1 consists in the measurement of the knowledge gap, the assessment of interdisciplinary synergies, the understanding of if and how BRs are studied

Report from the assessment of territorial needs and demands – Task 1.2

The main objective of Task 1.2 is to assess local BR stakeholder´s needs and the main problematic of the territories, so to orient the academic activity at targeted universities

Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves Education, Research & Management AGENDA – Task 2.2

Outcomes from WP1 were discussed in a series of workshops that were organized in Bzommar, Lebanon, in proximity of Jabal Moussa BR. The MedBRs-ERM Agenda is the product of such brainstorming sessions, where Partners agreed on all relevant issues to be taken into account for WP2 actions. The Agenda resumes the mind maps and the relevant discussions among Partners that were produced in Bzommar into a compendium of guidelines.