M4 – Lesson #2 The Arganaraie Biosphere Reserve: a delicate balance between man and the biosphere in Morocco

Transcript of the video

Abdelaziz Afker, Arganaraie Biosphere Reserve

Abdelaziz Afker is the focal point of the Arganaraie Biosphere Reserve at the Regional Directorate of Water and Forests (Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests of the Kingdom of Morocco) in Agadir. Diploma in Water and Forestry Engineering (1988 Salé Morocco) Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management and Organizations (Nancy 2009) and Professional Coaching Certificate (Casablanca 2013). Involved in all initiatives supporting sustainable management of biodiversity (projects and programs) and also in the animation and support of local groups in the process of revitalization of territories. 


Mr Afker tells us about the complexities of the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve (RBA) socio-ecological landscape, in Morocco, a territory covering 2,5 millions hectares. What are the main factors hindering rather than supporting a sustainable coexistence between human development and nature conservation practices? 

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