M3 – Lesson #4.1 Territorial governance in Biosphere Reserves

Transcript of the video

Catherine Cibien, MAB France

Catherine Cibien is the Director of MAB France. MAB France animates and strengthens the national network of 14 Biosphere Reserves, puts it in touch with the French and international communities interested in this program: scientific community, educational and academic world, organizations for the management and conservation of biodiversity, sustainable development and of the ecological transition. She co-hosts the Master MAB (Man and Biosphere) at the University of Toulouse.


In this capsule, Catherine will provide an overview of the overarching arrangements that constitute the governance of a Biosphere Reserve.


Further Readings

  • Stratégie de Séville et cadre statutaire du réseau mondial. UNESCO 1996.  [PDF]
  • A New Roadmap for the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme and its World Network of Biosphere Reserves 2015-2025. UNESCO 2016 [PDF]

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