M3 – Lesson #2 Conflicts over the commons

Transcript of the video

Pablo Dominguez, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Pablo Domínguez, PhD, is an Eco-Anthropologist of the commons, especially centered on pastoral commons of the Mediterranean mountains. He mostly focuses on the ecological and socio-cultural holistic understanding of their functioning. Pablo is Senior Researcher at CNRS (France); Laboratoire Géographie de l’Environnement (GEODE), CNRS / Université de Toulouse 2; Associate Research Fellow at LASEG & AHCISP, UAB (Barcelona); Associate Research Fellow at LPED (Marseille) and LMI MediTer (Marrakech), IRD / Aix-Marseille Université 


In this capsule, Pablo will tell us how Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves can contain traditional cultural practices for the sustainable management of the territories called as ‘commons’ – and how these are threathened in the past, and nowadays.


Learn more about the Sinjajevina case.

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